O.C.C.S., Inc. has been providing quality and comprehensive private probation services and other quality programming since 1995.  Currently we have five office locations in the following counties: Laclede, Camden, Pulaski, Texas and Phelps.

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The company’s philosophy is to assist all Defendants in successfully completing their term of probation, yet holding them accountable for their action while on probation.  The probation officers ability to identify programs, intervene, and refer to appropriate resources are crucial in this approach.  Timely and concise reports are forwarded to the courts about the Defendant’s progress while on probation.

Bond supervision for pending Felony or Misdemeanor charges are also a service provided to the courts on high risk alcohol and drug cases, with intensive monitoring, testing, and reporting.  The courts are kept informed of the Defendant’s progress until the charge is disposed of in court.

Our probation services also have the Soberlink 2 device to monitor Defendant’s alcohol intake, GPS tracking units, and house arrest units.

In addition to private probation services, the Laclede and Pulaski offices also offer SATOP services for DWI offenders.  Other programming available to the courts are Children First Classes and more (coming soon).

O.C.C.S., Inc. is committed to public safety, Defendant accountability, and supportive intervention approaches to ensure successful probation and bond supervision.  The staff of O.C.C.S., Inc. is comprised of State Certified Substance Abuse Professionals with Masters and Bachelors degrees in Criminal Justice.  The staff of O.C.C.S., Inc. has 75 years of combined experience in working with Defendant’s and the criminal justice system.

If you are interested in having private probation services with your Court, please contact our main office in Lebanon at 417-533-3221.

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