pharmpatch 288w

PharmChek Drugs of Abuse Patch ~ “The PharmChek Drugs of Abuse Patch acts as a collector for nonvolatile components of sweat, including drugs of abuse”. 

The patch consists of an absorption pad that is held into place against the skin by an adhesive plastic film. 

“The adhesive film of the patch is a semipermeable barrier that allows oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor to pass through so that the skin can breathe normally.  Larger molecules (such as drugs) are trapped in the absorption pad portion of the pad.  Contaminants from the environment cannot penetrate the adhesive barrier from the outside, so the patch can be worn during normal activities, including bathing, swimming, and athletics”. 

The patch can be worn on the upper arm area or the lower part of the back and will be placed in the appropriate area by a certified officer.  The participant will wear the patch for 7 to 10 days and then will be removed by a certified officer and sent to a lab for testing.  If a new patch is required to be put on the participant, it will be done at that time.  Each absorption pad has a barcode on it that corresponds with appropriate paperwork that is filled out when the participant is in the office.

The cost to wear the patch is $60 per week, and that includes the all costs for the patch and testing.

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