About Us

Mission Statement:  “Providing answers to issues of abuse and dependency in society.”

Outreach Consulting and Counseling Services was founded by Charles T Maguire on March of 1992.  The business began as a part-time consulting agency, primarily with local school districts providing training and direct student services.  In July of 1995, O.C.C.S. moved its location from Springfield to Lebanon, Missouri.

O.C.C.S. is committed to developing and providing services, which are generally not available or under served at a reasonable and fair cost to the client.  The emphasis with our company is to provide assistance and guidance to clients so they are better able to cope in society.  This is accomplished by either directly or indirectly involving the client in treatment services, counseling or other programs which address their difficulties and monitoring the clients to insure satisfactory improvement.

O.C.C.S. is also committed in providing an atmosphere where staff and programming innovations are encouraged to better themselves.  This is done by providing educational opportunities, clear and direct supervision, and career growth.  O.C.C.S. believes that when employees are successful, so is the programming and in-turn the company.

O.C.C.S. wants each and every employee to be involved in their job, the company, and the community.  Together, we cannot fail to meet the needs of ourselves, the clients and the community.  The company slogan, “Providing answers to issues of abuse and dependency in society” is no mistake.  It happens when others are not afraid to become involved and take risk so the community can enjoy healthy and safe living.

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